The Free Learn-Conversational-Latin Project

Welcome to the (until we agree on a better name) Free Learn-Conversational-Latin Audio project! The goal of this project is to create and make freely available audio files which will facilitate the learning of conversational Latin.

Many people have had success learning modern languages through audio programs like the Pimsleur series. Unfortunately, nothing like this yet exists for conversational Latin (and assuming it oneday does exist, it will likely not be free). Learning by listening and speaking can be both fun and effective---and, because all our output will be absolutely free from the very beginning, students, enthusiasts, teachers, homeschoolers, or anyone else will be able to benefit from our collective efforts without paying the prohibitively high costs which will undoubtedly be associated with future Latin audio products.


The FLCLP utilities are currently being used to produce the recordings at Talking Vulgar, a conversational Latin podcast. I'm continuing to update the utilities as I need features for Talking Vulgar, but there hasn't yet been much external interest (at least in helping to produce content). If you're interested in using the utilities, please contact me.

How can I join the discussion?

First, join the mailing list. Secondly, go to our SourceForge project page and create a SourceForge account. This is free, won't take very long, and will allow you to post in our forums (here). We'll mainly be using the list to begin, but will likely use the forums as we progress (for different subprojects, etc.). You might want to look over the mailing list archive to see where we are (just now beginning!).


I've moved questions I'm receiving and answering to a FAQ.

If have any questions not answered here, email the project coordinator: j. scott olsson Logo