The Free Learn-Conversational-Latin Project FAQ

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This project is not currently being developed due to lack of external interest. I am however using and improving the utilities I created for the FLCLP to produce my conversational Latin podcast, Talking Vulgar. If you would like to use these utilities, please contact me.

What does FLCLP stand for?

The Free Learn-Conversational-Latin Project.

Doesn't the name stink?

Yes. I'm not partial to it, don't worry. It's sort of an operational name. One option will be for different distributions of the project to have their own appropriate names (e.g., someone might package all the output aimed at Ecclesiastical Latin enthusiasts under a different name than the Classicists' distribution). All of these distributions might share lesson scripts while having different pronunciations or specialized modules (e.g., Cicero vs. St. Leo the Great). Likewise, a different name might be preferred by a distribution featuring a different instructional language.

What are the design goals?

What does free mean?

Free means both free of charge and free as in freedom. Free means you'll be able to use, distribute, and modify the recordings and all accompanying work (documentation, workbooks, etc.) free of charge. If you make modifications that you distribute, you'll have to give those improvements back to the community under the same license. This will ensure that all work which was created free will remain free. Here are some examples of things you'll be able to do for free: If you want a more precise answer of what I mean by free, you should probably read over the GNU Free Documentation License.

What is the status of the project?

The project is just now beginning (being planned and organized). Join the mailing list if you'd like to help!

Here's how I see our basic roadmap.

  1. Establish our infrasctructure: discussion list, basic plan, etc.
  2. Design the lesson layouts.
  3. Write the lesson transcripts (collectively).
  4. Proofread the lesson transcripts (collectively).
  5. Adjudicate the lesson transcripts (collectively).
  6. Record/edit the lessons.
The recorded lessons will then be made available for download in a variety of formats (e.g., MP3, Ogg Vorbis, Real Audio, etc.). We will also make it as easy as possible to create audio cd's or tapes which will be playable on standard equipment. Once we get started, we will be working on several of these tasks in parallel (think assembly line).

How can I help?

We're going to need lots of help---EVEN if you don't think you're qualified to help with the Latin! We'll need proofreaders, document preparers, sound engineers, speakers, programmers, and many other types of volunteers. Join the mailing list and poke around!

What is Sourceforge?

SourceForge is a free website that facilitates open source projects like the FLCLP. We're using it for mailing lists, discussion forums, and some limited file hosting---scripts, lesson plans, etc. (we won't be hosting large files there).

Where are the fora?

They are on the SourceForge project site, at

Where is the mailing list?

You can sign up to receive the mailing list here. Alternatively, browse the archives.

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